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PBICE15IP - Powerblanket ICE - 15 Gallon Drum Ice Pack Cooling Blanket (12 ice packs included) - Powerblanket Shop  - 1

Powerblanket ICE PBICE15IP - 15 Gallon Drum Ice Pack Cooling Blanket (12 ice packs included)

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PBICE15IP For years now, Powerblanket has led the industry in heating solutions for a myriad of ready-to-ship and custom applications. Now, Powerblanket offers innovative cooling systems alongside the patented heat-transfer technology that has kept customers’ assets safe for years. With the new Powerblanket ICE cooling blankets, you can efficiently regulate temperature-sensitive material under both regular and hot conditions. Powerblanket ICE works especially well for various industries, including spray foam application, beer and wine fermentation, and for post autoclave cooling. Keeping your equipment and materials cool under hot temperatures has never been so easy.

15 Gallon Insulated Drum / Barrel Blanket with Pockets for Ice Packs:

Freeze the (12) included ice packs. Place the ice packs in the pockets on the inside surface of the blanket and place the blanket on to the 15 gallon drum. Use the straps to cinch the blanket as tightly as possible to the drum. Better cooling can be achieved by making sure the ice packs freeze relatively flat so that they fit against the drum better. If the temperature is too low simply remove the blanket, remove some ice packs and replace the blanket.

Keeping your equipment and materials cool under hot temperatures has never been so easy. Powerblanket ICE products make it easy and cost effective to cool various applications like spray foam, coatings, adhesives, fermentation systems, electric motors. In addition to this product we offer various sizes and levels of temperature control and duration. If you can’t find the right product to fit your application let us know, we specialize in fast, affordable solutions for any application. 

Powerblanket ICE PBICE15IP:

  • Ready-to-ship products available for 15, 30, & 55-gallon drums, and for 5-gallon buckets. Custom systems can be designed and shipped within 2 weeks.
  • Blanket cover and insulation are the same as the robust system used in the Powerblanket heating products
  • Powerblanket Ice systems are portable (120VAC required)
  • Control temperature of your equipment or bulk materials
    • ex: Spray Foam Application
      • Increase yields (bulk materials over 90 °F will reduce yields for most spray foams)
      • Maintain foam quality (hot bulk material can decrease foam tenacity and increase foam density)
      • Decrease foam application times (quality decreases when bulk materials get too hot)
      • Reduce time waiting for spray foam bulk materials to cool
  • When materials are delivered too hot, waiting for the material to cool can mean lost hours/days
  • Blankets can be left installed and running while bulk material containers are in use
  • Low cost cooling solution 
  • Temperature can be controlled by ice pack count
  • Portable 
  • Keep materials cool for extended periods at low cost
  • The internal pockets are designed for 12 oz 6" x 6" x 1" ice packs.
  • 12 pockets designed for ice packs (12 ice packs included)
  • Current lead time is 1 week for all Powerblanket ICE Cooling Blankets