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Heartwarmers Radiant Heated Artwork - Fenway Park, 36" x 48", 120V, 720 Watts, 6 Amps - Powerblanket Shop  - 1

Heartwarmers Radiant Heated Artwork - Fenway Park, 36" x 48", 120V, 720 Watts, 6 Amps

$ 225.00


Heartwarmers heated art offers warmth in more ways than one. The splendor of good art can add vibrancy to any room, but Heartwarmers adds actual radiant heat coming from your wall-hung masterpiece. Why mess with unsightly and hazardous space heaters when the images on your wall can heat your room with radiant warmth and stunning beauty?

Heartwarmers uses a patented blend of technology to deliver safe and efficient heat to any room. With radiant heat technology, you get consistent and even heat distribution that won’t pass dust or allergens around your home like forced-air heating will. Use your furnace less, or simply add more heat to one room or more with Heartwarmers heated art.

Heartwarmers heated art was founded to offer a more efficient, safer, and aesthetically pleasing form of heat for use in homes, offices, and other work spaces. Heartwarmers uses a patented blend of technology to harness the efficiency of the radiant-heat application. The company’s approach provides an even distribution of energy that can warm an entire room with greater efficiency than forced-air systems can.

Heartwarmers can create heated art from an image that you provide and also has a selection of images for you to choose from.  With a mission to offer a superior heating solution, Heartwarmers not only outperforms the alternative but outshines it as well.


Think about the times you’ve used space heaters or had to crank up the furnace in your entire home or workspace to add comfort to one single room.  With space heaters come hazards and eyesores, and with increased furnace use comes a larger utility bill. So why Heartwarmers, you ask? Because with Heartwarmers, you don’t have to worry about any of this.

Heartwarmers allows you to add warmth to an entire room while simultaneously adding beauty through artwork. Our blend of technology houses a patented radiant heat structure behind a durable vinyl print of your favorite masterpiece. Imagine being able to stay warm and cozy simply by hanging a picture on the wall. Imagine your favorite artwork adding metaphoric warmth to your room while delivering actual warmth at the same time. Do this, and you will understand why Heartwarmers is the clear answer to your need for comfort and warmth.

Heartwarmers Radiant Heated Artwork Offers:

  • 720 watts of radiant warmth (able to heat an entire room)
  • A safer and more aesthetically pleasing alternative
  • Radiant heat technology (more comfortable & efficient than forced air)
  • Dimensions: 36" x 48" x 1 1/2"
  • 120 Volts
  • 6 Amps
  • Uses a 5-15GFCI Plug