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Connectable 2 Ft Watertight Extension Cord 120-Volt - 12 Amp Max

Connectable 2 Ft Watertight Extension Cord 120-Volt - 12 Amp Max

$ 15.00

Summerstep SMEC24 - Connectable 2 Foot Watertight Extension Cord 120-Volt - 12 Amp Max

The Summerstep part number (SMEC24) 2-Foot connectable watertight extension cord can be used with our Commercial Snow-Melting Walkway Mats (WM24x60C, WM36x60C), Commercial Snow-Melting Stair Mats (SM11x36, SM11x48, SM11x60, SM11x72, SM11x84, SM11x96), and Commercial Snow-Melting Door Mats (DM24x36C, DM36x48C, DM48x60C). Each set of Summerstep Commercial / Industrial Snow-Melting Mats (up to 12 amps) requires one power unit to connect the system to an electrical outlet.

Up to 12 amps can be connected on a single 6-foot Summerstep power unit. If your connected mats exceed 12 amps, you will have to split up the heated mats and add a second power unit to plug into a separate outlet. Note; if you are ordering Summerstep Commercial Stair Mats for more than one location, you must order a separate power unit for each location. The Summerstep power unit contains a watertight connector that will allow it to connect to the first or last heated stair mat in your system. The Summerstep power unit is weather resistant and is designed to be left outside the entire winter season.

If the electrical outlet on your business, facility or job-site is further than 6 ft from the heated snow melting mats, you will need to use an outdoor rated power extension cord. This 2-Foot watertight connectable extension cord will provide an added level of protection against the elements versus other generic outdoor-rated extension cords. This watertight extension cord was designed for our Summerstep Commercial Snow-Melting Walkway, Doorway, and Stair Mats and will only work with Summerstep heated products. To ensure a watertight seal, this (SMEC24) extension cord has the same connectors as the Summerstep Walkway, Doorway, and Stair Mats.


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