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Commercial Snow Melting Heated Walkway Mat - 120V, 500 Watts, 3 ft W x 5 ft L (Connectable) - Powerblanket Shop  - 1

Commercial Snow Melting Heated Walkway Mat - 120V, 500 Watts, 3 ft W x 5 ft L (Connectable)

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There is an easier way to melt and remove snow and ice from your sidewalks and walkways.  SummerStep snow-melting traction mats are the answer. These industrial grade heating mats use an efficient heating technology to safely melt snow on your sidewalk and add additional traction with an anti-slip rubber tread. SummerStep heated snow melting mats are designed to be used alone, or daisy-chained together by means of a watertight plug.  You can link several together to cover your entire walkway.

Summerstep™ industrial snow melting mats are heavy-duty snow melting, safety mats that are designed to melt snow and ice to prevent accumulation on stairs and walkways. They melt snow and ice on contact and create a safe walkway in even the coldest winter conditions.  Summerstep snow melting mats help prevent accidents due to slipping and falling in areas with heavy foot traffic: nursing homes, elderly communities, grocery stores, plazas, commercial businesses, residential homes, hotels, ski resorts, restaurants, universities, sports stadiums, hospitals, construction sites, industrial sites, etc.

This Summerstep Commercial Snow-Melting Connectable Mat comes with both male and female watertight connectors. You will need to purchase separately an (SMPC) 120-volt GFCI power unit to power the mat or connected Summerstep snow mat system. Each set of Summerstep Connectable Snow-Melting Mats (up to 12 amps) requires one (SMPC) 120-volt GFCI power unit to connect the system to an electrical outlet.

Snow and ice is the cause of over 1 million slip, trip, and fall accidents every year in America. Prevent these types of slip and fall accidents this cold winter season and stay safe with Summerstep Commercial Snow Melting Mats.

Summerstep WM36x60C Commercial Anti-Slip Snow-Melting Walkway Mat - 3ft Wide x 5ft Long (Connectable)

• Save time and money

• Product Length 60", Width 36", Weight 33 lbs

• 500 Watts, 4.2 Amps, 120 Volts

• Requires a 120V GFCI connectable power unit; part number (SMPC)

• Environmentally safe requires no chemicals

• Durable and long-lasting

• 33.3 Watts/Sq ft 

• Will melt approximately 2 inches of snow per hour when operating 

• More convenient than shoveling snow

• Prevent slips and falls that could lead to costly lawsuits 

• Protect personnel from hazardous winter weather conditions

• Can be custom made for any location

• Includes both a male and female connectable ends which can connect stair mats with heated stair mats, walkway mats or doormats using a single power unit.

• Each set of Summerstep Commercial / Industrial Snow-Melting Mats (up to 12 amps) requires one power unit to connect the system to an electrical outlet

• Power units are sold separately and also available on select walkway mats

• Keep stairs, doorways, walkways, and ramps clear of ice and snow for your safety

• Reliable. Even in the worst conditions, SummerStep keeps the path clear

• The ONLY snow melting mat product made in the USA

The image below is a connected Summerstep snow-melting doormat, two stair mats, and a walkway mat 

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