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BH05-RRG - 5 Gallon Bucket/Pail Heater - 100°F - Xtreme, Gray Alloy - Powerblanket Shop  - 1

BH05-RRG - 5 Gallon Bucket/Pail Heater - 100°F - Xtreme, Gray Alloy

$ 322.00 $ 338.00

BH05-RRG: 120 Volt - 60/120 Watts - Max Temperature Fixed 100°F (± 5°F). Powerblanket® Rapid Ramp technology features an accelerated initial heat-up time which quickly raises the temperature of fluids to 100°F. Once the blanket achieves 100°F, it reduces power consumption to 60 Watts (0.50 Amps) to maintain the preset 100°F temperature. Powerblanket® BH05RRG drum heaters allow you to safely control the temperature of expensive chemicals and other fluids. Save time and money by protecting your products from freezing without the risk of overheating.  We're proud to say that our BH05RRG model is ETL certified to UL & CSA safety standards, giving you the ultimate peace of mind knowing you've ordered the safest and most efficient bucket/pail heater on the market!

Powerblanket® BH05-RRG Features

  • Cinch straps to secure tight fit
  • Super-duty industrial alloy vinyl for extreme weather conditions 
  • Quickly heats materials to a preset 100°F / 38°C (±5°F / 3°C)
  • This product is certified down to -40°F
  • Delivers safe, uniform heat to temperature sensitive materials
  • Preserve expensive materials without overheating or burning  
  • Insulated full wrap design making it ultra energy-efficient 
  • Safe for outdoor use
  • Water-resistant
  • Works on both poly and steel buckets/pails
  • Prevent product waste by safely maintaining consistent temperatures  
  • Uniform even heat distribution eliminates hot and cold spots


Technical Specifications
Container Diameter
Container Height
Container Volume Size
05 Gallon / 19 Liter
0.50 / 1.00
60 / 120
Power Cord Type
                                                            15 AMP Plug

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