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Q: What is the cold crack rating of your industrial grade vinyl used in your Powerblankets?

A: -60°F Gray Alloy Vinyl (Extreme Product) -20°F Black D-15 Vinyl (Standard Product)

Q: What voltage options do your blankets come in?

A: Ready To Ship models come standard at 120VAC, but we offer 208, 240 & 480VAC custom solutions.  Anything we make below 120VAC or over 240VAC, along with anything built to run over 24Amps, will be non-ETL.

Q: Can I add insulation to help the blanket heat my product?

A: This could cause overheating.  NEVER add extra insulation to any of our heating products.  It will void any warranty and MAY BE HAZARDOUS.

Q: Where will the product be shipped from?

A: All Powerblanket® products are shipped FOB Salt Lake City, UT, 84119

Q: What do you mean when referring to thermal load as it pertains to Powerblankets?

A: Thermal Load is the amount of energy required to keep a space or object at a desired temperature.  When the environment is cooler than the desired temperature of the space or object, the thermal load is a heating load and is the amount of energy required to be added to the space or object in order to achieve the desired temperature.  All things being equal, the heating load will increase when the ambient air temperature decreases, or when the wind speed increases, or if the space or object is placed in contact with a large thermal mass, like a cold concrete floor.

Q: How hot do your blankets get?

A: Rapid Ramp (RR) Drum/Bucket is 100°F (± 10°F) / 38°C (±5°C), PRO Drum/Bucket is 145°F (± 5°F) / 63°C (±3°C), Foam Box Heaters 110°F (±10°F) / 43°C (±5°C), Tote Heaters 145°F (± 5°F) / 63°C (±3°C), DEF Tote Heaters 70°F (± 10°F) / 21°C (±5°C), Gas Cylinder Heaters (propane) 90°F (± 10°F) / 32°C (±5°C), Multi-Duty (concrete curing) from approximately 100°F to as high as 150°F, Extra Hot (ground thawing) 150°F (± 10°F) / 65°C (±3°C)

Q: The blanket is not getting hot enough; what can cause this?

A: A few things may cause this: ambient temperature, wind speeds, product location, and possible additional variables.

Q: Can you use the blanket for removing ice dams in the Winter?

A: Yes. The recommended product line for this is our Ground Thawing blankets.

Q: Can I place the blanket over concrete or asphalt to heat the ground under the pavement to thaw ground and utility pipes?

A: Not typically, it depends on depth of concrete or asphalt but this not an advised solution

Q: What is your most popular blanket?

A: Our two best sellers are the BH55-PRO which heats/protects a 55-gallon drum and the TH275 which heats/protects a 275 gallon IBC tote.


Q: How are your blankets heated?

A: Powerblanket products use a patented heat spreading technology that has revolutionized effective heat spreading.  Powerblanket uses this technology exclusively in all of its products.  Powerblanket products are electrically powered and heated through internal preset thermostats inside the insulated blankets.

Q: Can you walk on the blankets?

A: No, it will damage the heating components

Q: Can you drive over the blankets?

A: No, it will damage the heating components

Q: Do you make “special” / ”custom” blankets?

A: Yes, a significant part of our business is designing blankets for custom applications.

Q: What would cause your Powerblanket heaters to overheat?

A: Overlapping the heating element of a Powerblanket product could cause it to overheat.  If you don’t have an even thermal load will cause overheating.  

Q: Are your heating blankets UL & CSA approved and certified?

A: All Powerblanket® heated solutions are certified by ETL to UL & CSA safety standards except for our DC, Powerblanket 400 & Heartwarmer products.

The SCC and OSHA’s NRTL programs recognize private sector organizations as accredited certifiers and NRTLs respectively, and recognition signifies that an organization has met the necessary qualifications specified in the regulations. The SCC and OSHA NRTL determine that specific equipment and materials ("products") meet consensus-based standards of safety to provide the assurance, required by the SCC and OSHA, that these products are safe for use in the workplace.

Our Intertek “cETLus” mark is equivalent to the “CSA” and the “UL” mark.

Our control # is 3170655 and this control number as well as the “cETLus” mark is

on all of our listed products.