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Pipe Heater Wraps

Pipe Heaters: Powerblanket heated pipe wraps provide maximum freeze protection for a wide variety of applications. Heating, insulating, and protecting fluids from harsh outdoor environments is our specialty. Available in multiple lengths and diameters to fit any size section. This innovative “ all-in-one” product design substantially reduces installation time, eliminates the need for multiple product procurements, and significantly reduces labor costs. The end result is an efficient, cost-effective heating solution with unlimited possibilities. Installing Pipe Wraps on long sections of pipe will maintain flowability and maximize production even in harsh winter conditions.

  • Offers freeze protection in weather down to -40°F/-40°C
  • Engineered to maintain flow and pumpability
  • Reduce downtime and increase profitability
  • Freeze protection for oilfield fracturing lines & pipelines
  • Certified by ETL to UL & CSA Safety Standards