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Ground Thawing Blankets

The high watt density in Powerblanket Ground Thawing Blankets enables you to thaw ground in really cold weather. This line of Powerblanket flat blankets provides a higher watt density and hotter temperature than the concrete curing blankets they resemble. The higher temperatures are ideal for ground thawing applications and curing epoxy or resins too, for that matter.
Powerblanket has changed the conventional method of transferring heat. The revolutionary new design provides uniform heat across the entire blanket, eliminating any hot and cold spots. Powerblanket extra hot products thaw frozen ground, keep vehicle or equipment engines warm, and effectively melt dangerous ice dams. Powerblanket provides a maintenance-free heating solution, which reduces downtime, eliminates the hassle and saves money. Heats to a preset 150 °F ± 10 °F / 65 °C ±5 °C. Melt snow and ice from roofs, walkways, and construction areas. Provides higher heat control when combined with a thermostatic controller.  
Powerblanket Extra Hot Thawing Blanket Features 
• Heats to a preset 150°F ± 10°F / 65.5°C ±5°C
• Melt snow and ice from roofs, walkways, and construction areas 
• Provides higher heat control when combined with a thermostatic controller
• Higher watt density to thaw frozen ground at the average rate of 12"-24" every 24 hours
• High watt density; thaws a max frozen ground depth of ~ 48"
• Ideal solution to help expedite the curing time of epoxy 
• Quickly remove frost prior to concrete pour 
• Saves time, money & labor 
• Reduces cold weather-related downtime 
• Easily installed and removed
• Certified by ETL to UL & CSA safety standards